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The d&b column loudspeakers are elegantly engineered to provide effective, discrete solutions for acoustically challenging environments.
The 16C, 24C and 24C-E have 4" drivers in a special design resulting in a cardioid dispersion pattern. Along with a nominal dispersion of 90° wall reflections in the low and mid frequencies are minimized, eliminating cancellations, reducing reverberations, and increasing gain before feedback.


The d&b column speakers achieve remarkable vertical directivity control. The HF array is mechanically adjustable to exactly target the audience listening area. The d&b columns guarantee maximum intelligibility with minimal visual disturbance.

d&b audiotechnik xC-Series installations : Gallo-Romeins museum, Tongeren - Havenhuis, Antwerpen - Raadzaal, Zutendaal - AZ St-Lucas Brugge (PVL Sound&Light) - Kapel Alden Biesen (Bilzen Mysteries), Bilzen

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