4Ears and Mono chose DiGiCo

Peter Vandergoten of 4ears and Frank Voet of Mono are more than just sound engineers. They are closely involved with their artists in production rehearsals and deliver full kits of microphones, wireless systems and consoles to the bands they work with.
For most of their bands, they are an extra band member and the gear they choose is crucial in connecting with their audience.
Bands working with Mono and 4ears currently include Bazart, Adamo, Oscar and the Wolf, SX, Netsky, Absynthe Minded, Warhola, ...

Both companies recently invested in DiGiCo SD9 consoles.

Frank : “I was new to the DiGiCo family, but was immediately convinced when the Core2 update was announced for SD9. Core 2 dramatically increases processing power, from the existing 48 channels and 24 busses to 96 channels and 48 busses, with multiband dynamics, dynamic EQ’s and digitubes on all inputs and outputs.
I really appreciate the DiGiCo philosophy of adding horsepower to existing products every couple of years, and not change the product line-up itself, thus devaluating your previous purchase.
But the main reason I chose DiGiCo is the outstanding support and clear and fast communication from both Amptec and DiGiCo.”


For Peter, it’s already the second SD9 he purchased after decades of working with DiGiCo consoles. He has been a loyal user since the D5 and D1 were released.

Peter values that DiGiCo is designed by actual sound engineers : “Both Amptec and DiGiCo have a “rock ‘n‘ roll”-spirit, and understand the demands of today’s live sound industry really well.
I really like the SD-series ergonomics which allows the user to completely personalize the console layout, while DiGiCo’s macro system allows even further customization and fast operation.
Other high-rated features are the extensive automation options, snapshot system and the seamless integration Waves soundgrid network for plugin-processing and simultaneous recording and virtual soundcheck.”

Since Peter works as a FOH or monitor engineer depending on the project, it’s really important for him that the SD9 is equally suited for both tasks.
Frank is travelling around the globe with bands like Netsky, so it’s not always possible to bring his own console. DiGiCo consoles are available for dry hire all over the world, and allow no-brainer session transfer between all SD-series consoles.

If you’re ready to join the Amptec & DiGiCo family, give us a call and see how we can make things work for your specific needs.

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