Masterclass Pro Tools Music Mixing


Amptec Workshops in co-operation with Avid for Pro Tools HD upgrade plan owners.

On Wednesday 25th of May, Amptec organizes a Masterclass Pro Tools Music Mixing.

Throughout this day, Luc Weytjens from will guide attendees through various aspects and strategies for mixing in-the-box with Pro Tools software. The workshop will cover a typical workflow from opening your client’s files to printing the finished mix(es). It will also touch upon differences between ITB, OTB and hybrid mixing, and the way some of the new Pro Tools 12 features can influence your workflow.

These are some of the main topics that will be dealt with :

- Session preparation, creating a clean copy to start your work.
- Benefits of a mixing template, how to create one and how to best integrate it with your client’s session or files.
- How to setup routing, busses and VCA’s in ways that give you plenty of creative liberty but keep the mix manageable at the same time.
- The importance of gain structure and its differences in current vs. older versions of Pro Tools vs. hybrid or analog setups.
- Signal processing — let’s talk plugins!
- The ins and outs of automation.
- Pro’s and con’s of control surfaces, their impact on your style of mixing and on the focus of your senses.
- How to setup references to compare to. Importance of rough mixes.
- How to organize client feedback and deal with mix revisions.

Date : Wednesday 25th of May from 10h30 to 17h00
Location : Amptec Demoroom

These workshops are FREE for everyone with a running Pro Tools HD upgrade plan, that was purchased at Amptec. (Also valid when part of a new Pro Tools HDx or HD native set).
If you buy a new Pro Tools HD upgrade plan now, that will also be valid as your entry ticket to the workshop. If you do not currently have a Pro Tools HD upgrade plan, or did not buy it at Amptec, you can still attend the event. Price for admittance will be € 250,-

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Luc Weytjens —

Having honed his skills as an (assistant) audio engineer in the classic analog studios around the turn of the century, Luc ventured out as a freelancer at the start of the new millenium. As he recorded an increasing number of artists in studios like Jet, Dada, MotorMusic, Audioworkx etc., decreasing album budgets spurred the decision to purchase a full blown Pro Tools rig and become an early adopter of mixing fully in-the-box or hybrid.
Meanwhile, that rig has made its way from various makeshift rooms for overdubbing and mixing in¬to Luc’s full blown tracking and mixing facility called, located in the rural charm of Boutersem near Leuven.
Throughout the years, Luc has worked on albums by Monza, Zap Mama, Arid, Hannelore Bedert, Gorki, Meuris, Marco Z, and many more.

Contact to confirm your participation.