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Studio MM is a boutique audio post production facility for Film and TV. Sound design, sonorisation & dubbing also makes part of their daily activities.

All studios have a Mac OSX Avid Pro Tools 12 HDX system installed and are connected to the Ardis Technologies DDP network. Amptec took care of the complete installation of all 3 studio’s, including cabling, mixing consoles, monitors, redundant backup systems, acoustics, etc. This resulted in the following configurations :

Studio 1 : voicebooth for 2 voice recordings at the same time. Stereo sound mixing is operated through an Avid S3 mixing console.

Studio MM

Studio 2 : used for standard mixing and sound design applications. An Avid S3 mixing console is also used for stereo sound mixing.

Studio 3 : here 3 actors can do voice recordings at the same time. Voice actor, voice director as well as technician are situated in the same room. Stereo or surround mixing (5.1) is carried out on an Avid S6 mixing console. This studio can also be used for foley, dubbing - and film applications.

Studio MM

To quote Mark Mommaerts :
“Amptec is a great company to work with. It all started 20 years ago in my living room. Just needed a small Digidesign Pro Tools set, to make some sonorisations & sound designs for television productions. Harald was sick when installing the small system, but he kept going...
20 Years later, the whole team still keeps going in a “very” professional way. Small investments, big investments, creative solutions.... They have it all. You don’t believe me, check our website ( Still don’t believe me ... come and see for yourself.”

“Mark Mommaerts has been one of our most loyal customers for almost 20 years. From installing the first native Pro Tools set in his living room ‘till the multi-functional facility Studio MM is now, it has been a pleasure for us working together with Mark.
Mark always challenges us for the best possible set up, and thus makes us smarter every time.” Harald Vanherf, sales manager DAW

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