Pro Tools workshop for Audio Post Production


Amptec Workshops in co-operation with Avid for Pro Tools HD upgrade plan owners

On Thursday 28th April, Amptec organizes a Pro Tools workshop for Audio Post Production

During this workshop, Thierry De Vries from A Sound will give an overview of the full workflow from production sound captured on location till the final surround mix in Pro Tools.

The various stages in sound postproduction will be shown with practical examples from feature films:
- production sound with metadata handling
- AAF import from the offline editing system, linking to original sound rushes
- dialog editing
- sound effects editing and sound design
- Foley recording
- music editing
- surround mixing
- Q&A

Date : Thursday April 28th from 10.30 till 17.00
Location : Amptec Demoroom

Thierry De Vries — A Sound
Thierry grew up playing keyboards and always liked to experiment with synths and sounds. In 1992 he graduated from the RITS filmschool in Brussels. He started as a free-lance sound engineer and by 1996 built a studio at Ace Editing Facilities to work on commercials and TV projects.

In 2001 A Sound was founded and together with a team of excellent sound engineers, he worked as a sound supervisor and re-recording engineer on projects such as "Stille Waters", "Het Eiland", “Matroesjka’s", "Team Spirit", “Firmin", "Frits & Freddy” and many more. At the end of 2010 A Sound moved to the current Plaskylaan location in Brussels. Recent work includes films such as “Bowling Balls”, “Cafe Derby” and “D’Ardennen”.

These workshops are FREE for everyone with a running pro tools HD upgrade plan, that was purchased at Amptec. (Also valid when part of a new Pro Tools HDx or HD native set).
If you buy a new Pro Tools HD upgrade plan now, that will also be valid as your entry ticket to the workshop. If you do not currently have a Pro Tools HD upgrade plan, or did not buy it at Amptec, you can still attend the event. Price for admittance will be € 250,-

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Contact to confirm your participation.