Invitation: Fiber basics seminar


High bandwidth, long distance cable runs, zero electro-magnetic interference,... these are only a few advantages of optical cabling systems. With the growing number of channels, exploding bandwidth requirements and interfering mobile communication technologies, the need for reliable and future proof cabling solutions is bigger than ever. Expand your knowledge and discover how optical cabling will make your job easier!

During this training both theoretical principles and practices will be discussed.

Some of the topics:
- Characteristics of glass fiber
- Optical principles
- The main applications of optical fibers
- Optical fiber for installations & mobile use
- Fiber connections
- Maintenance of optical fiber systems

This training will be given by Werner Ertryckx, optical cabling expert and technical director at Amptec, and Frank Lammens, optical fiber specialist with 20 years of experience in broadcast.

The seminar will take place on Thursday 22nd October. It will start at 10.00 and end at 16.30.
Location: Amptec seminar room

Contact to confirm your participation.

Amptec fiber services

Being a total optical solutions company, Amptec offers several services to help you get the best out of your optical fiber system. Our optical fiber specialists have all the skills and experience to take your productions to the next level.

In house training

Our optical fiber specialists can provide customized training at your company. Starting from your specific setup, this training will cover both theoretical principles and practices. This will make you feel more confident with your setup and it will give you additional insights to optimize or expand your system. Furthermore this training gives you the opportunity to learn how to properly maintain your system in order to ensure error free operation.

On site measurement & cleaning service

Do you always need spare cables because you don’t feel comfortable with your optical cabling system? Our optical fiber department can do on site measurement and cleaning of your system. Our fiber specialists will teach you how to clean and maintain your system to keep it up and running.
Don’t waste your time with trial and error trouble shooting, hire our specialists!

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