S6 days with new 2.0 software by AVID specialists

07-10-2015 - 08-10-2015

It has been an exciting summer for Avid S6 and with this in mind we are very pleased to announce the Amptec S6 demo days on October 7th and 8th 2015.

October the 7th.
Specifically tailored towards ICON D-Command and ICON D-Control users, the presentations will focus on getting ICON users up to speed on S6 and its many advantages over conventional mixing consoles and the ICON series. Please join one of Avid's S6 product specialists and you will find that with version 2.0 software S6 now meets and in most cases exceeds what is possible on the already powerful ICON series. Presentations will be to very small groups so please contact as available demo slots are limited.

October the 8th.
On this day, we will showcase how Pro Tools Control iPad software, Avid S3 and Avid S6 allow for all new workflows, which were previously not possible. The presentation is aimed at both the experienced and novice control surface user. Food and drinks will be available in between the presentations, giving you time to meet up and mingle with your colleagues, the Amptec team and Avid representatives. We want to make sure we have enough Avid goody bags so please contact to reserve your seat.

The presentation will start at 14.00.

We‘ll have Avid S6 goody bags and special Pro Tools, S3 and S6 promotions available. So don't miss out on those.

Both demo days will take place at the Amptec offices.

Integration of AX32/DX32 with the Avid S6 and Pro Tools
The workshop will also handle the integration of AX32/DX32 with the Avid S6 and Pro Tools. The control of the pre amps, and the extensive monitor features will be explained in detail and show to you. In a hands on session we will make different setups for monitoring purposes, and control them from the Avid S6. We will also have a deeper look on the interfaces flexible connection abilities like Madi, AES and Dante, which is an important asset to the whole solution.

A DAD representative will be present during the S6 days.

Avid S6 v2.0 software
Avid S6 v2.0 software represents the biggest advancement yet in streamlining and simplifying pro mixing workflows by offering mixers flexible new ways to manage complex, big sessions. Our new surface track management features genuinely offer the biggest improvements to date in quickly bringing the exact tracks you need onto the surface with advanced visual feedback, allowing you to get more done in each mix pass. Here's the laundry list of good stuff...
- Two separate assignable spill zones for VCA's, Track Types, Workstations and Layouts
- Banking within spill zones
- Flip Rotary Knob rows to motorized Faders for more visual and tactile control
- Up to two Dedicated definable Knob Expand Zones for full access to EQ, Dynamics, Pan, Sends and more following 'attentioned' track (one zone on M10)
- Improved EQ mapping in Expand mode
- EQ/Dynamics curves displayed in expand mode (M40 Display Modules)
- View scrolling automation lanes over waveforms on Display Modules (M40 only)
- Automatic saving of layouts into DAW Sessions
- Ability to show and work with Hidden Tracks in Pro Tools
- Ability to adjust Knob Speed and Sensitivity
- A single assignable knob per connected EUCON DAWs (currently not Pro Tools)
- Pro Tools Mix/Edit windows follow banking on surface
- Default Soft Key streamlining and enhancements for Pro Tools
- Default Soft Keys for Nuendo and Cubase
- More customization preferences
- XMON improvement

Contact to confirm your participation.