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Free adapter with a bodyworn microphone.

Buy any d:fine headset or d:screet miniature microphone between September 7th and October 18th, and receive a wireless adapter of your choice completely free of charge! (value 75-110€)
This promotion is not applicable to microphones with a fixed connector.

Unbeatable sound, minimal footprint
When both body and voice need to be free, a DPA Bodyworn Microphone should be your go-to solution. Headset or miniature, visible or concealed, the d:fine™ & d:screet™ series of bodyworn microphones give you astoundingly accurate sound in an incredibly small design. Our large number of variants coupled with a huge selection of accessories and adapters for wireless systems, means that DPA Bodyworn Microphones can be suited to any assignment.
Handmade in Denmark, individually tuned to very high standards result in microphones equally at home capturing a spoken voice or a complete orchestra, from recording studios to extremely harsh conditions.

Become an expert in bodyworn microphones
Throughout September and October, DPA will be holding webinars on the following topics:
- Speech intelligibility and bodyworn mics with Eddy Bøgh Brixen, Audio Specialist
- Miniature microphone technology with Mikkel Nymand, Product Manager, Tonmeister
- Applications for bodyworn microphones with Bo Brinck, Global Sales Support Manager

Learn more and sign up for a webinar

Adapter or fixed connector?
We often get this question, and our advice is to order a DPA with microdot and separate adapter.
Besides the obvious advantage in flexibility to change between different wireless systems and XLR, the microdot connector also ensures a perfect connection to the 1.6mm cables used by DPA.
Most wireless connectors aren’t specifically designed to be used with miniature cables, and need some extra tightening tools to establish a solid connection.

DPA improved their microdot connector a few years ago. The new microdot connector has a locking mechanism, that secures the connection between the male and female connector, even if the nut is shaken loose. The locking mechanism is best described as a point of friction which must be passed when mounting the microdot connectors.
To tell the new version apart, the inside isolator in the new one is red as opposed to the old white or brown ones.
Additionally, a longer strain relief is now standard with the new microdot.


Please note that the new microdot generation is backward compatible, i.e. you can connect a new microdot on an old and vice versa, but the locking mechanism is only present when both ends of the connection are from the new generation.

Join us at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam!
Find DPA at the IBC exhibition (Amptec booth #8.D70), where you can see our ENTIRE product range, listen to different microphones and learn more about the bodyworn microphones.
Each day at 17:00, DPA will choose a winner of some great prizes, so make sure to have your pass scanned at our booth during the day, if you want a chance to win. Right before the drawing, we’ll take you through our “spot the mic” quiz, challenging your imagination on how to use bodyworn mics.
Visit us at the IBC 2015 Exhibition in Amsterdam, Sept. 11-15. You can find us at booth #8.D70. Register via this link and use the customer code 3997 to get a free exhibition pass. There are instructions on the IBC website to help you.

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