Amptec workshops in a theatre near you soon.

16-06-2015 - 17-06-2015

Amptec goes on tour with in-depth workshops for live and theatre sound engineers.

First stops are :
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels - Tuesday June 16th
CC Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist - Wednesday June 17th.

Time scheme

2 workshops will be held simultaneously, so if you’d like to attend all 4, register for 2 dates.

Mixing in theatres and other live environments — DiGiCo

Digby Shaw will present this seminar on Mixing in theatres. He has a long history as Head of Sound at West end theatre shows such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, The BodyGuard musical, Grease the Musical and Mamma Mia the Musical.

Digby’s using DiGiCo’s theatre software since several years making the programming of his comprehensive theatre productions a breeze. He’ll give you an insight in the software’s powerful cue list automation and editing; Auto Update mode giving you the ability to alter cues on the fly; Channel Aliases allowing a collection of channel parameters to be applied to any channel on the desk Aliases; the use of the matrix with individual cross point delay; Channel Sets allowing the easy allocation of groups of channels to VCAs when building cues;

Don’t miss this seminar if you’re involved in theatre or musical mixing.

How to enhance your music and speech intelligibility? - DPA microphones

As a live sound engineer you often need to compromise on sound quality in order to be able to control crosstalk and feedback. However with DPA microphones it is possible to achieve a studio quality sound on stage without having to struggle with these ‘limits’. With their excellent directionality, superb frequency response and extremely high SPL handling capabilities DPA microphones are primary tools to shape and control your live sound.

Join us at this seminar and discover how DPA microphones will get you closer to a perfect sound!

This training will be given by Brecht Ieven, DPA product specialist at Amptec and all-round audio technician with over 13 years of experience in theatre, broadcast and music.

Digital Wireless Revolution — Sony

Learn all about the technology, features and general RF-techniques of Sony DWX, the market-leading high-end digital wireless system in the market.

- Current status of UHF frequency spectrum in Belgium, and future developments
- Analog FM modulation technology
- Digital transmission: PSF, FSK, QPSK, APSK
- Analog vs Digital, pro’s and con’s and practical issues
- Crossremote, concept and set-up
- Sony DWX in-depth + hands-on, system and antenna set-up, tips & tricks, listening tests

Dany Meeuwissen, will give this training, Sony product specialist at Amptec and all-round audio technician with over 15 years of experience in theatre, broadcast and music.

Array processing and workflow (theory and listening tests) - d&b audiotechnik

The event will tell a small story about the motivation and intended improvements using ArrayProcessing d&b’s new comprehensive tool to calculate and optimize the sonic performance of a d&b line array. Array processing will enhance the spectral consistency, with a defined level distribution, achieving a consistent tonal balance for each listener
An ArrayProcessing theory part will describe the new functionality and shows the workflow process, using ArrayCalc V8 to simulate and calculate ArrayProcessing parameters, as well as transmitting the settings to the system.
During a listening session, the participants will experience different scenarios on how to use ArrayProcessing in the venue.

Tim Frühwirth from the d&b Education and Application Support will lead this workshop.

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