Mykerinos to Horus or Hapi Trade-in


If you own a Mykerinos-based MassCore Pyramix system, you will be able to trade in your current cards for a significant reduction in the cost of a new Horus or Hapi Interface!

Please be aware though that to connect the Horus unit to the Pyramix MassCore system via RAVENNA you will have to be running version 8/8.1 or higher of the Pyramix software. If your end user is not running version 8/8.1 and/or is not under ASM, they will have to get upgraded first using the standard methods.

The Guidelines:
- The trade in has to be a MYK (MB1-5/X30-50) AND any MDC (MADI/AES/DUAL/TDIF/SDIF/ADAT) “sandwich”
- If you have multiple card system, the primary keyed card must be used for the first trade in.
- Additional, un-keyed cards can be traded in only after the keyed card has been exchanged.
- Each MYK/MDC sandwich can be used as trade-in against the cost of 1 Horus Interface.
- Once you have received your Horus interface, you will have 30 days in which to send the card back to your local Merging Technologies Dealer

Each MYK/MDC “Sandwich” will have a trade-in value of €400 against the purchase of a Horus Interface, or Hapi €200.


Contact for more info and pricing.