Ultimate power for your SD console.

DiGiCo is pleased to announce that the long awaited software upgrades are now available.

Expansion of Waves Multi-rack
The development teams at DiGiCo and Waves have further increased the Waves flexibility across its entire range of SD consoles, with the number of Stereo Waves racks doubled from 16 to an impressive 32. This gives the ability to have up to 256 insertable plugin instances on every Waves enabled console in the range.

Getting more from Stealth Digital Processing has been DiGiCo’s mantra since it launched the technology in 2008. In previous SD9 releases, this has meant increased channel processing which has doubled the onboard FX units, along with numerous additional features and processing resource.
With this new release, DiGiCo increases the user assignable bussing from 16 Flexi Busses to 24 Flexi busses, bringing the total buss count to 63 busses across the console.

SD11i and B
This software upgrade sees the SD11’s channel processing increased from 32 Flexi Channels to 40 Flexi Channels, with no impact on processing allocation; these additional channels come with no compromise to any other processing resource and no additional hardware is required.

Insert B Post Fader
Up to 32 insert points can now be assigned to a post fader position, opening up the new Dan Dugan connectivity available on Waves plugins.

Aux Sends on Group Busses
Aux send bussing is now incorporated in the buss output section, opening even more flexibility for mixing signals.

Adding Relative Gain Tracking takes the revolutionary gain tracking system even further by allowing snapshot recall ‘Total Gain’. This system calculates the total gain and uses the digital trim to deliver the same total gain for each channel on each console — each and every time.
Using this system means engineers can take advantage of the complete Snapshot system, without being worried about gain recalls or differences.

Please contact for an upgrade.

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