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DPA newsletter issue 5

DPA gets a lot tougher

DPA makes a point of listening to their customers. We have gathered a lot of feedback from our users, and some remarks stood out.
Everybody appreciates DPA for their sound quality, off-axis and phase response and maximum SPL handling.
DPA capsules are pre-aged so they hold their permanent electric charge for at least 25 years, and we do have customers who still use headsets over 10 years old on a daily basis. Nevertheless, unexperienced users (especially in dry-hire situations) might damage your precious microphone, by forcing and breaking the cable, putting make-up on the capsule, etc.
Therefore, DPA renewed their whole line of headsets and miniature microphones to cope with these issues.

The new d:screet™ Miniature Microphones — new variants, tougher package

DPA’s great sounding line of d:screet™ Miniature Microphones has gotten even better. We‘ve maintained the same great sound, but we‘ve perfected the form factor. The new d:screet design features a reinforced cable relief for even better robustness and to ensure that people who are not used to handling miniature microphones can use the mic without being afraid of damaging it.
The new SC4060 with reinforced cable relief is 3 times as durable as the previous version of the 4060. New versions will include the 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063 and 4071 capsules. A range of new clips is also available, which are backwards compatible with the old models without the reinforced strain relief.


For even heavier use, the d:screet Heavy Duty Microphones offer the same great sound, but in an even tougher package. In situations that require even more durability and where the visual size is of less importance, the d:screet heavy-duty features a stainless steel housing (see close-up below), a heavy-duty cable relief and a thicker 2.2 mm cable. The heavy-duty version is available with 4060, 4061 and 4071 capsules, and is 12x tougher than the old model.


The d:screet Necklace Microphone offers easy and discreet mounting for a genuine plug’n’play experience. Designed for mounting by non-technicians, the necklace is the perfect choice in for instance a reality show setting, productions with children, or cases where a very quick set-up time is needed. The necklace microphone uses the 4061 capsule with hi-boost grid fitted, to compensate for the shadowing effect caused by being placed under the chin.

Redesigned d:fine, 4066 and 4088 headsets

Due to improper use of unexperienced users, most service issues on DPA headsets were related to cable damage.
In case a cable broke, we could mount a new microdot, lemo, mini-XLR etc. but for breaks close to the headset this usually wasn’t the best solution.


Therefore, the d:fine headset was designed as 3 separate parts; the microphone boom, a detachable cable, and a 1-ear or 2-ears headset mount.
With the recent release of the d:fine 66 and d:fine 88 headsets, their users now have the option of replacing only the cable in case of emergency, which is a rather inexpensive part compared to the whole microphone boom.
The 4066 and d:fine 66 use removable grids, so besides having the option to choose either a soft-boost or hi-boost grid, users can also clean or exchange grids.


In less than 5 years, DPA has updated their whole product line. The d:dicate range replaced the standard and compact series (4006, 4021 etc.) and also added the highly successful d:facto vocal microphone.
By adding the d:fine 66 and 88, the headset range offers the same industry-leading sound-quality but with increased reliability and easier and cheaper exchange of parts.
And last but not least, the new d:screet miniatures are 3 to 12 times tougher than their predecessors.

Partner Conference

DPA listens closely to its user base. Key to getting feedback from the market is the annual Partner Conference which will be held in Copenhagen from June 11th-13th.
A limited number of participants is allowed worldwide, so feel free to apply via this link:

REMINDER - d:fine touring kits promo

d:fine Headsets are now available with our legendary 4088 directional and 4066 omnidirectional capsules. To celebrate the launch of the new varieties we are giving a discount on a eight different d:fine Touring Kits, each with five beige d:fine Headsets.

Just register here and you will save up to €265 on a d:fine Touring Kit.

This offer is valid until 30 April 2014 and only when you register on the link above.

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