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DPA newsletter issue 3

DPA — Balthazar workshop

Amptec organizes a unique workshop: attend a Balthazar soundcheck and see how their FOH engineer does all the miking with DPA microphones.

15.30: some theory and info on the mics used
16.00: soundcheck
17.00: Q&A with Filip Tanghe on microphones and mixing techniques

This workshop will take place at Ancienne Belgique.
Thursday 20th February 2014; from 15.00-18.00.

Please let us know if you are interested by replying to this mail. Only 25 people can get in.

Product Launch - d:fine™ 66 and d:fine™ 88

DPA launches the new d:fine™ 66 and d:fine™ 88 headsets to complete the d:fine series. These products feature the classic 4066 and 4088 capsules incorporated in the mechanics from the single-ear and dual-ear d:fine‘s. All existing d:fine‘s and original 4066 and 4088 stay available as well.

First shipments of new d:fine™ 66 and d:fine™ 88 will leave Denmark in February 2014.

To accompany the new variants, we have launched a campaign giving the customers a discount on a d:fine Touring Kit containing five similar d:fine headsets chosen from the entire range. By registering on the DPA website, the customer can save up to 265€ per Touring Kit depending on which model the customer chooses.

This discount is only valid on orders placed in the campaign period — from 14 February 2014 until 31 March 2014.

d:vote 4099 Touring Kits prices and cases

From February 1st 2014, both d:vote 4099 Touring Kits VO4 and VO10 (Rock and Classic) will ship in bigger Peli Cases to offer more space for flexible storage of the microphones with their holders and adapters attached. All microphones will be supplied in DPA pouches and accessories will come in DPA zip case.

Due to the general 2014 price increase and the bigger peli case, prices for the new d:vote touring kits will be higher than the previous 2013 touring kits.
We do have some stock available at a lower price, contact us for a quote.

As per February 1st 2014, the former VOTOUR10 kit will be discontinued.

d:facto II grids in Gold and Nickel finish

DPA has met customer inquiries on different finishes for the d:facto II grid. In addition to the standard black finish they have matched the Sennheiser nickel finish (available both in 2000, 9000 and 5200 series).

This is available in the following variants:
- FA4018VSE2-ewN: d:facto II Vocal Microphone with SE2-ew Adapter (Sennheiser 2000/9000/evolution wireless), Supercardioid, Nickel Finish
- FA4018VSE5N: d:facto II Vocal Microphone with SE5 Adapter (Sennheiser 5200), Supercardioid, Nickel Finish
- DUA0710N: d:facto II Microphone Grid, Complete Assembly, Nickel Finish
- DUA0713N: d:facto II Microphone Grid (Metal Only), Nickel Finish

Furthermore, a grid with golden finish will be available on custom requests as accessory only. Type numbers DUA0710G (complete assembly) or DUA0713G (metal grid only).

Delivery from February 2014.

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