Surround Sound Seminar


By Ing. Florian Camerer

Friday 16 may 2008
In the Amptec showroom

For this surround sound seminar Amptec invited Florian Camerer of ORF. This seminar can be seen as a follow-up on Mr Camerer's presentation at the 3rd HD day (Brussels may 15th) and as a warming up for the AES convention (may 17th – 22nd).

The program will cover many aspects of surround sound: recording "in the field" sound for film and documentary, capturing a philharmonic orchestra, the variety of sports events and how surround sound blends in with HD video as well as dramaturgical and broadcasting aspects. The presentation will be a relaxing mixture of informative talk and - speak for themselves – audio and video examples.

Ing. Florian Camerer, Tonmeister / sound-designer for the Östereichische Rundfunk ORF gained experience with sonorisation of documentaries and later with all aspects of multichannel production. He is now being regarded as one of the most experienced sound engineers when it comes to surround sound for broadcast.
For more info on Mr Camerer and his career see the article on this link .

This seminar will be held in the famous Amptec showroom, this box in a box construction is acoustically tuned to fulfil the highest standards.
The welcome coffee will be served from 9:30, the seminar will start at 10:00 and end around 15:30 with a closing drink. A light lunch will be arranged for.
We expect you to subscribe your attendance no later than may 12th by mail to .

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