Royer Labs


Introducing the New SF-2 Ribbon Microphone


We’re proud to announce the release of our new SF-2 ribbon microphone. The SF-2 is a mono, phantom powered ribbon microphone with extremely flat frequency response, condenser-level output and fast transients response.

Excelling on choir, piano, woodwinds, strings and many other applications, prototype SF-2’s have been well received in classical recording circles. Perfect for use in recording classical music, acoustic instruments, and movie & game scores.

The SF-2 ships standard with an aluminum presentation case, SFS-2 shock mount, mic sock, manual and documentation. There is also a Deluxe version. This contains an SF-2 with premium accessories including a beautiful Padauk wooden presentation case, an RSM-24 shock mount, a 20-foot Royer-built microphone cable, mic sock, manual and documentation, all packaged in a nice aluminum carrying/storage case.

Royer Ribbon Rebate

Retroactive to August 15 and running through September 30 2012, Royer Labs rewards every customer with their R-series rebate program.

Rebate discounts (in dollars):

R-101 Mono Ribbon Microphone: $75.00
R-121 Mono Ribbon Microphone: $100.00
R-122 Active Ribbon Microphone: $125.00
R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone: $200.00

Contact,, for more info and pricing.