Save up to 20 per cent on ICON at Amptec.


When you’re mixing music or sound for picture, your focus should be on your mix-not your mixer. If your current console is holding you back-or you’re still mixing with a mouse-now’s the best time to switch to a high-performance ICON system.

For a limited time, save up to 20% on any ICON D-Control™ ES or D-Command® ES control surface, plus any extra Fader Modules. Want optimal power and even greater combined savings? Save 10% on any cost-saving ICON bundle, which combines your choice of ICON control surface with the unbelievably powerful Pro Tools|HDX system and more.

- Speed up recording and mixing, with hands-on precision and ease
- Gain deep ICON-only access to Pro Tools® functions, including routing, plug-ins, and automation
- Experience sleek, ergonomic designs, high-quality controls, and great visual feedback
- Work the way you want with customizable layouts and surface flexibility

Offer expires September 14, 2012.

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