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Amptec J-Series installations

Nowhere else in the world you will find as many venues and rental companies as in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - per square kilometer we win. Amptec contributes it's bit with professional solutions going way further than just audio.

From time to time, one of the venues or companies requires the very best: the J-series of d&b audiotechnik.

The J series distinguishes itself from the competition by:
- controlled dispersion for tops and subs, for vertical and horizontal dispersion;
- (flown) 18” cardio sub, (stacked) 21” cardio sub;
- J-top with 12” speakers on international riders side by side with 15” and 18” of the competing brands;
- the compact top cabinet weighs only 65 kg and produces 143 dB SPL. In terms of dB SPL per kilo d&b wins;
- ‘out of the box’ solution with amplifiers from d&b itself: D12. Just plug and play.

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Belgium, it was Amptec that supplied d&b J-series in venues and PA companies.

PA companies: B-Lighting, Retie - CODEX, Canach (LU) - DNS, Maaseik (J-sub) - DEMON, Meerhout (J-sub)
Theatres and concert venues: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels - Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette - Cirque Royal, Brussels (J-sub) - Vlaamse Opera, Antwerp (J-sub) - Bourla, Antwerp (J-sub)

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