Seminar Loudness in Broadcasting

We experience it every day by watching television or listening to the radio. The difference in sound as we switch from one channel to another or the loudness of the commercials blowing through the speakers. Especially the last years we can really speak of a loudness ‘problem’. Several European countries already have legislation about loudness normalization or mutual agreements were made between the broadcasters.

Reasons enough for MediaNet Vlaanderen to organize a seminar around loudness in cooperation with its members Amptec, Apex and CN Rood. We invite you on Tuesday, the 25th of October 2011 by presenting you the following program:

13h30 Registration & Welcome coffee
14h00 Introduction
14h05 Keynote speaker: Florian Camerer (EBU) - part I
With the loudness recommendation EBU R 128 published in September 2010 the starting sign in Europe was given for one of the most fundamental changes in the audio world, the move to loudness normalisation instead of using the peak levels as a reference. This eternal problem and nuissance for the listeners is now soon a thing of the past - at least all signs for that development to actually happen are positive. Florian Camerer, senior sound engineer of ORF, Austrian TV, and the chairman for the EBU group PLOUD, will give a thorough introduction of EBU R 128 and ITU-R BS.1770 as well as a status update of the current situation in Europe.
15h00 Break & possibility to visit the small booths of Amptec, Apex & CN Rood
15h30 Keynote speaker: Florian Camerer (EBU) - part II
16h30 'EBU R128 in distribution' - Richard van Everdingen
(Broadcast & Audio Consultant - Delta Sigma Consultancy)
17h00 Reception & networking
Possibility to visit the small booths of Amptec, Apex & CN Rood

This seminar is offered to you by MediaNet Vlaanderen with the partners Amptec, Apex and C.N.Rood. If you would like to receive more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Amptec products that will help you follow loudness regulations:
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Location: Amerikaans Theater, Dikke Lindelaan 2, 1020 Brussels

Registration before the 20th of October:

Contact to make an appointment for a personal contact.

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