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Amptec - 8.D70
This year Amptec will be present at the DPA booth for the duration of the show.

Avid - 7J20
digital audio and video technology

Avid creates the digital audio and video technology used to produce the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world

Decimator Design - 7B40
new industry standards for high-quality

Products such as the flagship Decimator and now the Decimator 2 have set new industry standards for high-quality, cost effective broadcast equipment solutions.

DPA - 8.D70
d:fine™ headset mics

DPA Microphones will launch its brand new d:fine™ headset range at IBC 2011. The d:fine™ headsets radically update the design of DPA’s 4066 and 4088 models widely used by the international theatre, broadcast and conference markets.

LAWO - 8C71
Presenting its newest member, sapphire.

With the sapphire Lawo presents its newest member of on-air radio and TV broadcast console family - for the first time with overbridge. This sapphire system offers desirable functions and proven Lawo technology in an innovative new design.

Prodys - 1B24
IKUSNET - the portable video codec for news contributions

Ikusnet is the product that changes everything about the way that News contribution is accomplished. With Ikusnet you have the choice of sending live News via satellite or the Internet. Ikusnet integrates all the functionality of an ENG van into an extremely compact portable package.

RTW - 8.E76
New Combo Instrument For Loudness-range Metering
The new combination instrument will be incorporated into software versions for the TouchMonitor (V2.x), Surround Control 31900/31960 (V4.x) and the SurroundMonitor 11900 (V4.x), all of which will be on display

New design for surroundControl series
The newly designed version of the SurroundControl series, includes a Product Redesign and Addition of New LRA Instrument to the 3.0 Software. As a result of the new worldwide EBU/ITU loudness regulations, RTW took the opportunity to give one of its flagship products a facelift, which includes a modern, sleek design and the inclusion of its new loudness-range instrument (LRA).

Studio Technologies - 9A48
the extended range of the Live Link, a remote camera interface system

“01X” Series: Supports Two Paths of 3G Digital Video, Two Paths of
Analog Video, Two Mic/Line Inputs, Line/IFB Outputs, and Party-Line

TC Electronic - 8.D56
Double Up - DB4 MKII & DB8 MKII

DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII ensure that you always conform to EBU, ATSC and ITU Loudness and True-peak level standards across all platforms and all formats. You also get the broadcast world's highest resolution, lowest latency and lowest distortion with DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII.

Teradek - 9A51
Teradek builds Cube, the world’s first camera-top HD video encoder.

Cube streams HD video over WiFi, for local monitoring, news gathering, and live Internet broadcasting such as concerts, ENG backhaul, and houses of worship.

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