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Black reality seminar

23-05-2011 - 24-05-2011

Amptec organises in collaboration with d&b audiotechnik a two-day training for audio technicians. It’s with pleasure that we invite you to this training.

When: 23-24 May ’11 - 10u00 till 18u00
Where: Cirque Royal - Galerie du Parlement 22 - 1000 BRUSSELS
Trainer: Ralf Zuleeg (d&b audiotechnik — application support)

Seminar in English and French
Participation: free
Subscribing is possible till May 19th (mail to


De-mystifying Audio
Participants are familiarized with the basics of acoustics, loudspeaker characteristics and design. The E, T, and Q-Series product range as well as the D6 and D12 amplifiers are introduced .
We take a brief look at various audio phenomena, the knowledge of which lets everybody understand acoustics and the behavior of loudspeakers a little bit better. We also familiarize ourselves with some basic principles of loudspeaker design and what influence they have on the directivity and frequency response.

System Reality
We take a closer look at the d&b approach to loudspeaker design, amplification and processing electronics. Starting with a bit of company history, we explore d&b "System Reality" and learn about why we do things the way we do.

Line array theory
The participants will learn about T and Q system specifics and will be instructed in theory and practice on how to use them safely for optimum results.
This theoretical session explains the principles of line array systems and their behavior in a refreshingly non-mathematical way. It strips away the 'mystery' that evolves around such systems and gives the participants a good understanding of the real-world workings instead.

In this session, we introduce the d&b ArrayCalc software that is used to design d&b line array systems and distributed subwoofer arrays. After a short explanation of the software, everybody will practice the array design process on their own computers.

R1 remote software
The participants should be able to set up a d&b Remote network with a meaningful user interface. Detailed explanation of the control functionality of d&b's amplifiers.
d&b Remote network topology

System optimalisation
The participants using both theoretical and practical knowledge should be able to optimize a sound system with accuracy, understanding and improved sonic results.
Through theoretical and practical exercises we will explain the sound system that will be used during this seminar, and the essential system checks that should be performed before starting any sound system optimization process.

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