Sound measurements made Eazy.

Dedicated hardware - just add PC and start measuring. No buttons, no adjustments.

10EaZy is the spearhead in combined software & hardware based sound level measurements, specifically designed for use in the live sound with a user interface designed for the sound engineer. This combined with logging of measurement results sets the bar for what to expect from a sound level measurement solution.

- 10EaZy ships pre-calibrated and ready to run on any Windows computer
- Stay within the limits - clear and intuitive user interface, ensures that the person at the faders is in full control of the sound level, and stays within the limits.
- Log file - a rich assortment of measurement values are stored every minute to the checksum locked log file. Log file validation utility included.
- Event log - press space to enter entries to a dedicated file with additional information relating to the measurement.
- Running order - add the band name or other means of identification. Entries in the running order, will be added to the log file.
- History display - get a summary of the total measurement so far.
- Unique serial number - each 10EaZy sound card identifies itself to the software with a unique number, this prevents inaccurate measurements due to mix of hardware if more than one 10EaZy system is at hand.
- Remote web & mobile viewer - check the measurements from home or in the production office.
- E-mail support - send the log file to your mailbox at the end of each measurement round.
- True and documented IEC61672 Class 1 or 2 compliant.

Designed by Jacob Navne, sound engineer at Vega and Roskilde.
10EaZy users: Paleo Festival, Lowlands, Roskilde, I Love Techno, Pinkpop, Ancienne Belgique, EML, Ethias Arena

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