Amptec brands at FIFA worldcup 2010

ADAM Audio - providing the monitors for mixing the opening ceremonies of the FIFA worldcup 2010
The recording of the opening ceremony music for the 2010 World was done on ADAM monitors. It’s been recorded and mixed in Mastermax studio in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa in a truly African manor with major percussion laying the bed for the orchestration to follow.
MMX|Studios were used for the recording of the opening ceremony music for the 2010 World Cup. ADAM Audio has been collaborating with Co-Executive Producer and composer Mr. Lebo M, (also known for his work on The Lion King, Congo, Tears of the sun and more), arranger Themba Mkhize and Orchestrator Peter McLea.

INNOVASON - on air with Eclipse at FIFA worldcup 2010
The FIFA worldcup 2010 has opened its gates (and faders) and now Innovason is on air with its Eclipse as part of a huge audio networked system provided by LAWO for HBS.
At 10 different locations you can find somebody working on an Eclipse, mixing the commentators to the clean feeds provided by the MC 56.

LAWO - sound of South Africa 2010 running via mc² consoles and Nova73 HD routers
As in previous years, also the big sporting events of 2010 are an exciting challenge. Besides the Winter Games in Vancouver and Formula One worldwide, the football tournament in South Africa is a main focus of interest for Lawo.
At this huge event, Lawo systems play a leading role. For example, the international feed is distributed via Lawo routing systems and, furthermore, at all 10 venues and the IBC in Johannesburg, the international sound is produced using more than 35 Lawo mixing consoles. Every opening whistle at kick-off, every goal cheer and every outcry from the stadium will run via technology from Rastatt.

RTS/TELEX - bringing football from South Africa to Brazil
Regular RTS/TELEX user United Broadcast Facilities was contracted by Brazilian television channel Globo to provide live, up-to-the-minute coverage of the Brazilian team on and off the pitch, and whenever the players so much as set foot outside their hotel, the event will be broadcast live on Brazilian television.
United Broadcast Facilities is all set to provide flawless communications during the world’s most-watched sporting event. Given their uniformly positive experience with RTS/TELEX equipment over the years, the company can count upon the connection it will provide between director, camera crew, sound and vision engineers, gaffers, field-producers, and commentators.

SCHOEPS - providing the essential microphones at the World Soccer Championship
At the final round of the 2010 World Soccer Championship in South Africa, SCHOEPS is providing the essential microphones. Setups created by this German microphone manufacturer have been selected by HBS (Host Broadcasting Services) for the central tasks in the soccer stadium:
- the newly-developed 4-channel SCHOEPS "ORTF Surround" setup serves as the main microphone and the basis for the surround mix;
- the stereo spot mikes in front of the spectators are realized with several 2-channel SCHOEPS "ORTF Outdoor Sets”;
- and finally, the brand-new SCHOEPS SuperCMIT digital DSP shotgun will be used for pickup of ball sounds.

WAVES AUDIO - tackling Vuvuzela noise issues
Broadcasters including the BBC have received scores of complaints about the high-impact noise of the Vuvuzela horn instrument favoured by many fans at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. But working in double quick-time, Waves has devised a new solution to reduce the amount of noise.

Cooperating with a major TV broadcaster, Waves has created a real-time processing chain comprising two plug-ins: the WNS Waves Noise Suppressor and the Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer. WNS Waves Noise Suppressor is a real-time noise reduction plug-in for use in both indoor and outdoor environments with constant or modulating noise, while the Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer delivers precision equalisation in any audio environment.

Together, these two audio plug-ins are said to reduce the Vuvuzela noise and increase the intelligibility of the game announcers’ play-by-play action and commentary. The processing chain is already being used by several major broadcast outlets.

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