March Super Specials - New Artist Signature


The Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection

Six application-specific audio plug-ins, created in collaboration with Grammy©-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge.

They call him Lord of the Mix.

For over 20 years, Chris Lord-Alge has been the mixing engineer of choice for rock & roll royalty.

Green Day - U2 - Nine Inch Nails - Pink
Foo Fighters - Alanis Morissette - Bon Jovi
and countless others

The Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection gives you an all-access pass to CLA’s hard-hitting, radio-ready sound.

The Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection is Native only, and requires iLok authorization. Available separately and in Waves Mercury.
Mercury V7 owners covered by Waves Update Plan receive The Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection at no additional charge.

March Super Specials

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Studio Classics Collection, SSL 4000 Collection, The API Collection, and V-Series are Native and TDM, and require iLok authorization.

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