Free UAD2 solo


Buy a 710 Twin-Finity:

- Twin-Finity™ tone-blending mic/line preamp with Hi-Z instrument DI capabilities
- Dual-path 310 volt Class-A tube and transimpedance solid-state preamp
- Phase-aligned “Tone-Blending” of tube and solid state sounds to suit a variety of sources
- Dual Gain Stages: wire-with-gain to creamy and crunchy
- Discrete JFET DI with 2.2M ohm ultra Hi-Z impedance
- Monolithic balanced output stage
- Universal Internal power supply
- Heavy-duty metal construction

... and get a UAD2 solo for free!

Offer valid till March 31rst, 2010 only!

Contact, , or your local dealer for more info and pricing.