New DPA products

New DPA 4017mk2 is shipping now

The 4017 Shotgun has undergone continuous improvements and is now an even better microphone for the sound engineer.
These improvements – along with the new low-cut filter point – have resulted in our decision to re-launch the shotgun mic under the name of 4017mk2.

The re-launch reflects our increased focus on the product improvements:
- Improved RF immunity
- Perceived high frequency noise further reduced
- Low-cut filter modification: Lower -3 dB point changed to 120 Hz

Launch of 4099 holder for bass and cello

Two new members of the 4099 family are soon arriving.
Available from beginning of April 2010: DPA 4099 cello and DPA 4099 bass. A usual, the holders are separately available too for current owners of 4099 guitar, sax, violin and trumpet versions.
Moulded in high-grade rubber, the holders are exquisitely finished and easily mounted on the outermost strings of the bass or cello.

DPA WJ5100 Windjammer for 5100

A new accessory has been added to the 5100 Surround Mobile Microphone. The WJ5100 Windjammer for the 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone can provide up to 15 dB of wind noise attenuation at 100 Hz. The windjammer is easily mounted on the 5100 with or without the OC5100 Outdoor Cover underneath.

Contact for more info and pricing.

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