Amptec Post Production Day

The workflow from location sound to the final mix

Wednesday 23/05/07 - Amptec Demoroom
(13:00h - 17:00h)

Demos by Dave Tyler and Richard Holmes.
(Digidesign product specialists)

NEW: Video option preview !

This allows Pro Tools HD users to work with full resolution HD Avid video compositions with real time transitions and effects, while enjoying full track count and uncompromised mixing and processing performance.

Aaton Cantar-X
Field recorder support in Pro Tools

Pro Tools HD 7.3 makes it possible to conform imported multichannel audio files recorded using a field recorder (such as the Aaton Cantar-X) to a guide track.
This makes it easier to checkerboard dialog tracks, using the Expand to New Tracks command. Pro Tools will create new tracks for each alternate channel and apply any of the edits and fades from the guide track to these new tracks.

Virtual Katy
The audio post assistant

The award winning VK audio post assistant products are designed to massively accelerate the audio post process for Pro Tools users. Used on everything from feature films to the 30-second spot, VK has saved countless hours and brain cells by automating painstaking tasks that kill the creative spirit and derail deadlines.

Networked search system for digital music libraries

The ultimate cross-platform Sound Library Management software NetMix enables users to rapidly search, audition, transfer and manage sound effects and music
files with unprecedented ease.

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