NIEUWS @ AES Wenen 5-8 Mei 2007

ADAM (booth 1820)
New large Subwoofer : Sub2100
For the special requirements of large control rooms and studios, ADAM has developed a unique subwoofer.

Audio Developments (booth 2331)
New additions to consoles: direct outs and digital outputs

Brainstrom Electronics (booth 1708)
DCD 8 World clock Distripalyzer
a most versatile solution for all your clocking needs

DPA (booth 1315)
Decca Tree and Surround Mount presentations on live music
new hypercardïod/shotgun microphone

LAWO (booth 1204)
mixing consoles and matrix systems MC²66 en MC²90
Lawo succeeds in merging DAW plugins and mixing consoles

Rosendahl (booth 1018)
Multistandard sync engine
Nanosyncs HD is a precision audio clock with integrated HD Trilevel and SD video sync generators. LTC time code and USB MIDI ports provide a complete audio synchroniser solution

Schoeps (booth 1604)
Surround sound with double M/S

Sonosax (booth 1535)
new ENG mixer, new 8 ch recorder

Tonelux (booth 2129)
TXC Compressor Module for the V-rack system, with innovative functions, e.g. stereo link 50-100%, Feed-back / Feed-forward Blend, Wet/Dry-mix, Sidechain EQ-tilt, ... now available.

Contact for more info and pricing.

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