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Since 2000, the Empirical Labs Fatso can be found in the racks of well known engineers like a.o. George Massenburg, who praise this unit for its ability to warm and soften sounds with the Transformer, Distortion and Warmth (adaptive HF Limiter) circuits. The Fatso only acts as a dual mono or stereo compressor.
Recently, Universal Audio released a plug-in version of the Fatso under their UAD2 platform.

Now meet the Kush Audio UBK Fatso, a standard Fatso tuned by ear by Gregory Scott, and offering 7 different flavors of ‘character’ compression curves. The goal was to have a device that sounds great on all sources, and that’s exactly what this new Fatso does: it keeps the warmth of the original device, while offering the user 7 different compression characters:

Splat: a punchy, API-inspired comp, magical on drums, loops and vocals
Smooth: classic sweet superfast limiting, from subtle invisible to Distressor-style taming
Glue: wonderful on fattening bass guitar, gluing the buss together, etc.
Spank: SSL-style talkback compression from the original Fatso
Splat + Spank, aka Squish: combine Splat and Spank and enter EMI-territory
Splat + Smooth: to boldly go where no one went before
Splat + Glue: up-front vocals at the turn of a knob

A video presentation can be found here :

And the tips & tricks manual here :

Feel free to contact us for a demo and explore this magical box yourself.

Existing EL Fatso users can upgrade their unit to a UBK Fatso, contact us for a quote.

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