250 euro discount on RME ADI-2 Pro Fs


RME’s ADI-2 Pro Fs reference AD/DA converter is a world class AD-DA convertor, with a simple and mostly automated way of using it right out of the box. A unit with crystal clear and transparent sound signature, and two extremely powerful headphone outputs.

RME‘s ADI-2 Pro Fs reference AD/DA converter is :
- A high-end AD/DA converter in professional studio quality
- A double headphone amplifier in true high-end quality
- A USB DAC like no other - the most versatile and capable one
- A high-end AD/DA frontend and headphone amp for iPad / iPhone
- A multi-format converter (AES, SPDIF, ADAT) with monitoring function
- A DSD record and playback solution
- An AD/DA frontend for audio measurement at up to 768 kHz sample rate

As the most flexible converter available, the ADI-2 Pro offers balanced/unbalanced analog I/Os, double Extreme Power headphone outputs, SteadyClock FS, 4-stage hardware input and output level control, DSP-based signal processing, external power supply operation, Class Compliant USB compatibility, sample rates up to 768 kHz as well as DSD record and Direct DSD playback (256 / 11.2 MHz).

Now for a limited time reduced in price from 1450 to 1200 euro ex. VAT. Save 250 euro by ordering before September 6th 2019.

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