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DPA announces 3mm of Audio Perfection

DPA microphones announces d:screet™ CORE Subminiature Microphones at IBC 2018.

Changing the game — 3mm of Audio Perfection
d:screet™ CORE Subminiature Microphones are just three millimeters in size but pack the audio power of larger, award-winning DPA mics. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability — three qualities that really matter. Available both as a lavalier and in a headset solution, these mics are the smallest, yet most powerful mics you can find.

Small but mighty lavalier

Renowned DPA sound in a 60 % smaller package

Precision engineering and miniscule optimizations of DPA’s capsule technology have created a subminiature that significantly outperforms all other mics in their class — and beyond.
The performance of the d:screet™ 6060 CORE Subminiature Series is fully comparable to the 5 mm miniature capsules that are beloved around the globe. They have a lower noise floor than any other 3 mm capsule on the market and they are better able to capture high sound pressure levels without distortion as well. The stainless steel housing of the mic features an all-metal detachable cap with a click function.
An all-day professional headworn solution

Beyond this minimized size and maximized sound potential, the d:screet™ 6066 CORE Headset has a completely redesigned, lightweight headset frame.
- 2-way adjustable boom (lengthen/shorten & up/down)
- Anti-rotating boom mechanism and sliding lock system
- Unique, comfortable 3-point gripping system above, below and behind the ear
- New 90° cable management constructed to guide the cable and minimize cable breaks
- Stainless steel, PVD coated mic cap with click function
- One-size-fits-all, adjustable headset fits securely and comfortably

Available from November 2018

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