DiGiCo S-Series: Automixer - new software features

DMI-Automixer For S-Series Consoles
DiGiCo is delighted to announce the launch of its new DMI-AMM (Automatic Mic Mixing) card, which allows up to 48 channels of automatic mic mixing on any S-Series console. Designed in direct response to requests from the corporate market, the DMI-AMM will benefit any production where complex vocal mic setups are in use.

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DiGiCo already offers a solution for Aviom personal mixers and is now pleased to announce an ME solution that offers a 40-output interface to Allen & Heath ME-1 or ME-500 Personal Mixers.

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New S-Series Software
DiGiCo releases V2.2 software upgrade for S-Series consoles, which incorporates a number of much wanted features, as well as the two new DMI modules; the DMI-AMM and DMI ME.

The free of charge V2.2 upgrade will give S-Series users access to:
- Control Group Spill - up to 10 pre-defined members of a Control Group can be spilled to any console section using a single button function.
- Snapshot fader crossfades - for all Input, Matrix and CG faders: fader crossfade times can be applied per channel and per Snapshot.
- Rack Receive only mode - prevents the I/O rack’s input socket gain from changing on the surface if it is adjusted locally.
- OSC Control of Snapshots - OSC messages can be transmitted from the console when a Snapshot is fired, or a Snapshot can be fired when an incoming OSC message is received. This will work with Q-Lab and other show control software that uses the OSC platform for triggering Snapshots on the console or events from the console to the show control systems.

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Find the download links and release notes here

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