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A grand and beautiful sound

De Roma is a special place in Borgerhout. Venues of that caliber are hard to find in Belgium : the history, the neighbourhood, the approach, the people. The Roma had a special affection with sound engineers, walking around in the venue, clapping hands, long before the concert began.

It was time to tackle the sound and it couldn‘t be done at half measures. Sound amplification and acoustics belong together. The one will shine when the other has been taken care of. With so many years, so many opinions and so many attempts, to tackle the acoustics, you need a plan.

Amptec suggested a foreign acoustical expert, Eddy Bøgh Brixen. With a report by Eddy Brixen and a recommendation from Amptec, the Roma team started. They have been very successful in reconciling the venue with its acoustics.

Meanwhile, the sound design got substantiated. How can we minimise undesired acoustic effects ? When everything comes from one source: d&b V-series. ‘Controlled Dispersion’, horizontal, vertical, across the spectrum, makes the difference. From the first week in the test phase, it was clear that with the latest new techniques De Roma can sound grand and beautiful.

De Roma

To minimise the low frequency reverberation time a sub-array is arranged. De Roma is the first venue in Belgium with a sub-array of that size and power, neatly concealed under the front stage. With a long line-array, including flown subs and ArrayProcessing, the huge balcony got the sound it was entitled to. ArrayProcessing makes it possible for different room settings to control every place from front to back and top to bottom.

Hard reflections on back walls and ceiling are avoided.
Undesirable reflections on side walls are prevented.
Infills are installed in the correct position with the correct proportion.

The sound system in the room is complemented by d&b V7P and d&b E6. On stage, you will find d&b M4 monitors. A d&b 10AL system is positioned beside the film screen for cinema sound. The cinema system is integrated with the d&b 30D amplifiers for the venue. The amplifiers are placed in a new, centrally located amplifier rack. Control over the system is possible via d&b R1 software or the Amptec GPIO controller. And finally, in the foyer a d&b V10P is flown with a V-SUB.

With the new sound system and acoustic adjustments, De Roma confirms its place, at the top of the Belgian venues. In Antwerp, the prettiest reference is located in the heart of Borgerhout.

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