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Amptec installed d&b with Beckhoff at Limtec+

Limtec+ is a training centre for the technological industry in Diepenbeek (Belgium). The large classrooms in the brand-new Limtec+ training centre are state of the art, with an innovative building control system, centralizing all techniques thru a Beckhoff automation system.

The redundant Beckhoff Ethercat bus gathers all info for a central industrial PC. In 36 rooms a Beckhoff CP2611 touch panel enables easy control of lighting, temperature, sun blinds, video and sound. Automated changes are made possible; when switching on a video projector, lights are dimmed, sun blinds folds down and the d&b amplifier is set to the right input, at the right level. Beckhoff does this through a variety of protocols, used together in a modular way a.o. d&b audiotechnik sound system through OCA.

Amptec designed a sound system for four rooms: the foyer, a classroom and a meeting room with an outdoor terrace. The multipurpose foyer accommodates Limtec’s visitors as well as receptions and parties. The d&b audiotechnik sound system in the foyer has 8S loudspeakers, 5S as delay and a 12S sub. The classroom can be divided, both spaces have 5S’s. The main meeting room has also 5S speakers with, on the terrace just outside, additionally 8S’s.


All rooms have a d&b audiotechnik 10D amplifier. Without any additional microphone preamps or audio mixers, all sound sources are directly connected to the inputs of the 10D amplifier. Two wireless microphones and an auxiliary input plugin to the analogue inputs and a HDMI feed for the projector provides a digital audio signal to the AES inputs.

Different amplifier presets are recalled with the Beckhoff control system while audio parameters can be changed at the same time with d&b audiotechniks remote control software R1V2.

The software for this Beckhoff system has been written by Amptec’s project engineer Steven Aerts in close collaboration with Limtec+ engineers Bert Vanderhallen, Yoeri Hondshoven and Rens Janssen.

As a system integrator, Amptec is a leading company in the development of external controllers with off the shelf solutions, from simple GPIO to industrial PC controllers for d&b audiotechnik amplifiers and third party equipment. Recent projects include an intelligent sound limiter with a Beckhoff PC communicating with a 10EaZy measurement setup and d&b amplifiers; a Beckhoff touchscreen as a user interface for an emergency call and public announcement system; a Beckhoff PC controlling auditorium lights; a Beckhoff PC at the heart of a stage managers control desk; and several Beckhoff PC controlled d&b sound systems.

Amptec reference list with Beckhoff automation :
GC De Warandepoort, Tervuren
Forty Five, Hasselt
CC Ter Dilft, Bornem
Ericsson, Hilversum
JH ‘t Onkrooid, Arendonk
Fontys Rockacademie, Tilburg
Cinema Walburg, Hamont-Achel
Gallo-Romeins Museum, Tongeren
CCHa, Hasselt,
Cultuurcentrum, Leopoldsburg
Flagey, Brussel
CC Den Ichter, Opglabbeek
CC Palethe, Overpelt
Europees Parlement, Brussel
PSS Belgium, Dendermonde
CC Ter Kommen, Hoeselt
Theaterzaal de City, Nieuwpoort
PVL Sound & Light, Oostkamp
Videlio IEC, Gennevilliers
VRT, Brussel
Gemeente Wichelen

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