Recent acoustic projects

Vicoustic and Amptec have been quite busy lately. Just have a look.

Studio 100


Studio 100 was looking for a solution to improve the acoustic specifications and the look of their dubbing studio. We managed to create a homogeneous acoustic environment with a combination of Vicoustic diffusors and absorbers with the highly efficient Super Bass Extreme bass traps. And esthetically, the dubbing studio now has a fresh new look.



This customer rents out mobile media / radio studios built inside a trendy caravan. The round shape of this caravan was a challenge, so we suggested Vicoustic Flexi Pol A50 panels. These panels have very good absorption characteristics in the mid-range, which increases the all-important speech intelligibility.

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Daan is an artist who likes to explore different musical directions, so he asked us for a neutral acoustic environment where he can relax and concentrate on the music.
His control room layout is not ideal, a square with plasterboard walls, so we used a mix of Vicoustic Wavewood, Cinema Round Premium, and DC2 to make sure the reverb and frequency balance is as smooth as possible.

Jordi Geuens


Best known for his work with Selah Sue, drummer Jordi Geuens also has a home studio which also serves as a rehearsal / pre-production space. Because of the multifunctional nature of the room, Jordi demanded to keep the room acoustics alive, not too absorbent.
So we installed Vicoustic Wavewood panels, which have both absorbing and diffusing features. To control the low frequencies, Vicoustic Super Bass Extremes were used.



RTBF Liège asked us to make the acoustics performance of the new post production mix room similar to the older rooms. Furthermore, we had to work quickly because the mix room stayed operational during the installation period. To get rid of flutter echoes and to shorten the room’s decay time, we installed Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium absorbers. To fine tune the listening sweet spot, Vicoustic Waves wood panels were chosen, mounted in the hanging ceiling structure.
With minor changes we obtained a balanced sound, similar to the other rooms.

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