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Electroacoustics seminar at Amptec

Amptec and d&b audiotechnik will host an electro-acoustic seminar, on Tuesday January 17th.
This is the perfect introduction to the world of sound reinforcement with theoretical and practical examples.

This seminar provides a comprehensive guide to the principles of acoustics in an informative and entertaining way. Attendees are asked to participate during the day.
If you are passionate about sound, then you want to get clear, intelligible sound to every seat in the house. We will focus on the acoustic signal path between the loudspeaker and the listener’s ears.

Along the way, we will take in all the acoustics and physics that you will need. We avoid the ‘chalk and talk’ approach; listening, practical experiments and reasoned discussion take the place of the blackboard as much as possible.

Jonas Wagner from d&b Education and Application Support and Training will lead this workshop.
The workshop will be in English and will run from 10.00 until 17.00.

The electro-acoustic seminar is suitable for all levels of experience and the seminar format can be flexible and audience led.

The goal
To gain further understanding of the principles of electro acoustics for sound system design and engineering. Discover how loudspeakers interact with their environment and how to achieve intelligible sound to every listener.
Novices and students will gain new skills whilst those with more experience will enjoy refreshing their knowledge.

The maximum number of participants is limited to 20.

Amptec seminar room

Admission fee
165€ (lunch and refreshments are included).

Relevant documentation such as Technical Information and System Brochures will be provided.

Every participant will receive a certificate at the end of the event.

Contact to confirm your participation.

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