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Royal Royer Offer


Royer Labs is offering Year End Rebates on the RSM-SS1 Sling-Shock and all R-series ribbon microphones (R-101, R-121, R-121 Live, R-122 MKII, R-122 MKII Live, R-122V).

To take advantage of these rebates, you need to purchase a qualifying Royer product in this period, and send a copy of your invoice to Amptec. We will then reimburse the amount according to the following table.

Rebate amounts will be :

List price Rebate
R122MKII ROYER Active Ribbon Velocity Studio Microphone, Mono, Nickel €2129,00 €140,00
R122MKIILIVE ROYER Live Ribbon Studio Microphone, Mono, Nickel €2129,00 €140,00
R122MKIILIVEMP ROYER Matched Pair R122 MKII Live Ribbon Studio Microphone €4349,00 €280,00
R122MKIIMP ROYER Matched Pair R122 MKII Velocity Studio Microphone €4349,00 €280,00
R122V ROYER Vacuum Tube Ribbon Mic, Mono, Nickel, incl. RSM1 €3519,00 €215,00
R122VMP ROYER Matched Pair R-122 Vacuum Tube Ribbon Mic, incl. RSM1 €6999,00 €430,00
R101 ROYER Ribbon Microphone, Mono, Black Finish €950,00 €95,00
R101MP ROYER Matched Pair R-101, Ribbon Microphone, Black Finish €1975,00 €190,00
R121 ROYER Ribbon Microphone, Mono, Nickel Finish €1489,00 €95,00
R121LIVE ROYER Live Ribbon Microphone, Mono, Nickel Finish €1489,00 €95,00
R121LIVEMP ROYER Matched Pair R-121, Live Ribbon Microphone, Nickel Fin €2979,00 €190,00
R121MP ROYER Matched Pair R-121, Ribbon Microphone, Nickel Finish €2979,00 €190,00
RSMSS1 ROYER Sling-Shock Susp. Shock Mount for R121/R122/R122V/SF12 €315,00 €38,00

Valid untill December 31, 2016.

Contact, for more info and pricing.