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David Royer strikes again !


The MA-200 is a large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern. Born to a lineage of fine microphone designs by David Royer, the MA-200 gives warm, full-bodied reproductions of vocals and instruments, with none of the shrillness and high frequency distortion artifacts that are often encountered with modern condenser microphones.

Utilizing hand-selected 3-micron capsules, high-quality Jensen audio transformers and military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tubes, the MA-200 performs at a level reminiscent of some of the best loved classic condenser microphones.

The Mojave MA-200 can be heard on recent records from artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters, etc.
It can be ordered in matched pairs and is available from stock. Contact us for a demo or quote, and be surprised by the price-performance ratio.

Coming soon is the MA-100, a small diaphragm tube condensator with exchangeable omnidirectional and cardio heads. It will also be available in matched pairs.

Mojave products are distributed exclusively by Amptec for the BeNeLux.

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What the reviews say…

“It was immediately evident that this mic sounds fantastic. I really like the way it was smooth on the top and round on the bottom, and it really complemented (the singer’s) voice in a way that I had not heard before from other microphones of similar variety. Maybe it’s that JAN tube or the Jensen transformer, or maybe because David just understands electronics, as the components are the same as most other ‘affordable’ studio condensers, and yet the MA-200 sounds as good as microphones that are twice its price.”
Craig Schumacher – TapeOp Sept/Oct 2006

“I’ve had a chance to test a pair of the MA-200s in a number of situations, and the surprises were always pleasant. When paired with an excellent preamp, this mic is simply gorgeous. The MA-200 imparted smoothness to the cymbal crashes and was never strident or washy. The stereo image was very good, and the mics gave a very nice picture of the guitar without being boomy. What I like most is that when you hit it hard, the MA-200 gives you back some crunch. The plate-loaded tube stage rounds out transients nicely, giving it an almost ribbon-like quality. When you have a mic that can cover instrumental and vocal duties in this price range, you’re playing with house money.”
Kevin Becka – Mix Jan 2007

“I tried the MA-200 on a number of things, including female vocals, where the presence boost made for a very forward sound. On acoustic guitar, the MA-200 was also quite respectable – not a lot of string noise and a good tone. …Superior craftsmanship turns a “generic” design into something truly special.”
Scott Dorsey – Recording Jan 2007

“It’s easy to see that this mic is not your average large-diaphragm condenser (LDC). Its heft instills a sense that you are holding a solid piece of gear, reminiscent of a vintage European microphone. . The word that came to mind most often while using the MA-200 was silky, as the mic’s high-mids are present enough to give the source definition and a place in the mix, without any of the harshness or sibilance sometimes abundant in other LDCs .It often won out over microphones costing two to five times as much. A lot of readers might not consider a $995 microphone to be a “budget” mic, and in terms of sonic quality, there is absolutely nothing “budget” about the MA-200. In fact, the only thing “budget” about it is that you should make room in your budget to buy at least one. In this humble reviewer’s opinion, you would have to pay at least double, and maybe even multifold more, to acquire a modern or vintage microphone of similar quality from any other manufacturer. Anytime you don’t have to settle for an inferior product just to save money, you’ve found a good value, and the MA-200 is a very good value.”
Eli Crews – Electronic Musician

What the Mojave users say…

“Goodness! Your mic rules! We just used it on a Gibson J50 and had a U67 along side. Your mic hands down blew the Neumann out of the water. Everyone at the session immediately noticed the presence and the natural sound the mic delivered – particularly it’s clean, uncluttered high end.”
David Bryson of Counting Crows

“Those two Mojave Audio mics that I purchased from you rock! We've been using them ever since they showed up!”
Matt Wallace

“Those mics kick ass. I can now answer the repeating question on Gearslutz:
‘If you only could have one mic, which one? The MA200. Great mics!
Michael Wagener

“Man! I've done some very exhaustive testing between the Mojave and a Neuman TLM 149 (and some other mics including the AKG TLII and Rode NTK - though not in the same league) Holy Crap! This mic rocks! Geez, get me a pair and I'll lone one out to my engineer-producer friends - they'll be knocking down the doors!
Mark Hollingsworth

“Dudes, those mics KILLED the M49's that Dave had thrown up for me as room mics. These mics are open, fat and clear -they are killing with NO eq ....”
Ross Hogarth