PT64 HDLink card is now available.


It is finally time to celebrate... the Protools HD option card for Horus and Hapi is here!!!!!

What is this card all about then you ask?
The Pro Tools HDLink option card (IOM-H-PT64) is a way to connect 64 channels (at 44.1-48kHz) of Pro Tools HDX directly to Horus and Hapi. This is done by using 2x HDLink cables connected directly between the card and a HDX PCIe Card or HD Native interface. It will now allow you to sell our networked audio interfaces to Pro Tools HD users as they can now be a direct replacement for HD interfaces from AVID.

How does it work then?
It fits into the option slots of the Horus or Hapi in the same manner as the Analog option cards do. Once there you are able to route to and from it just as you would with the MADI connection (in blocks of 8 for input and output).

Hapi: Slot 1 & 2 can both be filled with PT64 cards (128 I/O Total)
Horus: Slot 3 & 6 can be filled with PT64 cards (128 I/O Total)

Sample rates available:
44.1 — 48kHz (64 Channels I/O per card)
88.2 — 96 kHz (32 channels I/O per card)
176.4 — 192 kHz (16 Channels I/O per card)

Also, remember that we have done the work so that Mic-Pre’s can already be controlled directly from within Pro Tools! For this you would also need to connect to the Ravenna port in order to remote them (no Ravenna Signal would be used directly into the Protools PC/MAC as that is what the HD connection is for!

But what about delay compensation? AVID knows their I/O, but not ours...
Not to worry! Within the device, you can choose for it to emulate either the HD MADI, HD I/O or 192 I/O signal delay (you can even set it to no additional delay for the shortest round trip!). So when using the Pro Tools HD system, the software will be able to compensate for the signal through Horus & Hapi perfectly.

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