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R-101 Summer Special


Until the end of AUGUST the Royer R-101 gets special attention! Normally €1110,00 the R-101 is on sale for €750,00 through the end of August!

The R-101 is an excellent studio mic, sonically similar to the R-121, and it comes complete with a shock mount and carrying case. It’s also a great LIVE ribbon mic due to its internally shock mounted ribbon transducer and special 3-layer wind screen that protects against air blasts. The wind screen also reduces proximity effect, helpful in close-miking situations like electric guitars.


- High SPL capabilities for electric guitar and percussion
- Multi-layered wind screen provides superior protection to ribbon element
- No internal electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
- Extremely low residual noise
- Ribbon element not affected by heat or humidity
- Absence of high-frequency peaks, "ringing" and phase shifts
- Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
- Identical ribbon element as the much more expensive R-121 and R-122
- Handmade in the USA

Valid till August 31st, 2015

Pick up an R-101 today and capture your music the way it was meant to sound.

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