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Introducing the Royer R-122 mkII

We’re pleased to announce the release of the R-122 MKll. Based on the popular R-122, this phantom-powered ribbon mic includes a first-ever -15 dB pad and a bass cut filter, greatly enhancing the mic’s flexibility in the studio and on live stages.

The Pad:
The R-122 MKll’s switchable -15 dB pad is placed before the microphone’s electronics, so high SPL applications like cranked up close-miked electric guitars can be recorded with no distortion from the microphone. Engaging the -15 dB pad actually reduces the MKll’s output to 2 dB lower than our non-powered R-121!

The Bass Cut:
The switchable bass cut filter starts at 100 Hz and rolls off at 6 dB per octave. It’s very musical sounding and allows for easy elimination of bass buildup due to proximity effect — highly effective on acoustic instruments and vocals

Mojave news

David Royer’s other microphone company, Mojave Audio (which actually precedes Royer Labs), recently improved the suspension material used for their large-membrane condenser microphones (as well as the Royer R-101).
An early adopter of David Royer’s designs, legendary engineer Bob Clearmountain still uses his 18-year old Mojave prototype while recording as shown in the video below:

Royer & Mojave clean-up promotion

With the new generation R-122 and Mojave’s available now, we would like to clean up our current stock.
There’s never been a better time to grab one, so act fast!

Royer R-101 B-stock, now 550€, regular price 1110€
Royer R-122 studio version, now 1170€, regular price 2115€
Royer R-122 live version, now 1170€, regular price 2115€
Royer R-122 live version, b-stock, now 1085€, regular price 2115€
Mojave MA-100, b-stock, now 500€, regular price 815€
Mojave MA-200, now 700€, regular price 1125€
Mojave MA-200, b-stock, now 650€, regular price 1125€
Mojave MA-201 fet, now 400€, regular price 715€
Mojave MA-301 fet, now 530€, regular price 920€

Need some inspiration chooosing? Both Royer and Mojave recently expanded their online audio/video section, with an easy search engine. Have a listen:

for more info and pricing.

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