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Daan opts for Sony digital wireless.


Daan DPA SonyFor years, Daan and his FOH engineer Bert van Roy have been using Shure UHF handhelds with Beta87 capsules. With this system reaching a certain age, they started looking for a replacement and tested different wireless systems and capsules available on the market today.

Some listening tests in Bert’s studio immediately revealed that digital systems offer a superior frequency response and dynamic range over analog UHF systems.
Analog UHF systems use a compander where the signal gets compressed in the handheld transmitter, and expanded in the receiver which results in less dynamic range. Also, a certain balance needs to be found in setting the gain as overdriving the signal, or having too little level will in both cases result in a bad sounding audio transmission.
Besides these dynamic range issues, analog systems also use low-pass and hi-pass filtering which was very audible in the hi-end spectrum during the listening tests.

When we showed Bert the specifications of the Sony DWX system, he took it on a test drive on a couple of summer festivals and rehearsals with recordings for the upcoming theatre tour of Daan.
Both Bert en Daan appreciated the ruler-flat 10Hz-22kHz frequency response, linear phase response, and a huge “real” dynamic range, even over longer distances, all this in a true-diversity system.

Transmitting audio over wireless modulation is a challenge, and will be even more in the future. So digital modulation offers some serious advantages here too.
No third order intermodulation problems mean you can use 16 channels in a TV-channel, even in a polluted environment thanks to QPSK 2-bit modulation.

As a companion to the Sony DWX system, the DPA d:facto II head was chosen because of the natural sound and very neutral and phase-correct off-axis response.
The capsule can take an SPL of 160dB, performs at a real 48V and has an integrated shockmount and 3-stage popfilter which minimizes handling-, wind- and pop-noise to the absolute minimum, while giving a full but intelligible sound.

DPA Sony

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