Recording Redefined


Capturing audio is something that has been at the core of the audio industry since Édouard-Léon Scott made his first “Autophonograph” recording in 1860. From those humble beginnings, the makers of recording devices have strived for improved sound quality, higher track counts and more convenient forms of media on which to hold the captured sound. Not often though has someone come along and truly redefined how recording workflows are able to take place.

Now, however, is one of those times.

Pyramix 8.1 - Recording Redefined

- 44.1 To DSD256 and Everything in Between
- Multiple Background Recorders
- Editing/Mixing/Mastering While in Record
- RAVENNA to ASIO Device Bridging
- Take Logging Window
- Media-Based Markers
- Record Pre-buffering
- Horus Mic-Pre Control from the Mixer and Remote Surfaces
- Interleaved, Multi-Mono and Split by Strip Recordings

Additional New Features
- ISRC in BWAV metadata support
- Prosoniq MPEX4 and Dirac Integration
- Horus Mic-Pre Control from the Pro Tools Mic-Pre Section

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