Axle is made for all, made for you.


Axle is made for all, made for you!

You want to get value for your GB of content by enabling customers/collaborators to view your media via a web browser? From internal network and/or external remote location?
- Axle is for you!

Just ask Axle where to watch and it automatically “catalogues” your content and makes it available for browsing, tags, notes, shortlisting and more.
No need for a shared storage. Local and network storage areas are supported!

You want to be able to access all your media in a fragment of time, without having to take care of a transcoding process?
- Axle is for you!

Integrated transcoder, support for most file formats e.g. MXF OP-1a, P2, QT, MP4, PDF, al lot of photo formats etc...
Axle integrates with your mailing server to make it easy to send links outside your network to provide access to selected media for external (via internet) collaborators/customers.

You would like to integrate Axle with your own website to provide viewers and/or visitors with a snapshot of your content to get approval of director, marketing department or program manager?
- Axle is for you!

Annotate it - find it - collaborate on it. All web browser-based with support for Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Apple (iOS device: iPad, iPhone).
XML tool available to fully integrate with your own database.

Axle understands also lots of metadata of your assets : Exif, MXF, AdobeCS, etc..
Easy to organize or re-organize all your content by simply using a web interface!

All with zero change to your existing workflow and storage.
No need of a ShareStorage, it works with local storage and other network storage areas.
And support for Avid MXF OP-Atom is on the way!

All that and much more at a great price!

That’s αxle - Making it easy.

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