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Celebrating Royer Labs


“In the ‘90s, Royer Labs single-handedly brought ribbon microphones into mainstream recording. Older ribbon microphone designs had fallen out of use in the ‘60s due to low output and because they were heavy and fragile. Royer designed a radically different line of ribbon microphones - small, lightweight, durable, and achieving incredible sound - which were revolutionary and moved the art of recording forward.”

During the 2013 Grammy Awards, Royer received a Technical Grammy for the Ribbon-revolution they started and still lead to this day.

We are very proud to be a Royer and Mojave distributor for over 10 years.
Therefore, Amptec recently expanded its Royer and Mojave demo-stock, now also including the brand-new SF-2 active mono ribbon, which was developed for acoustic instruments and classical applications.
We also stock the R-122V tube-powered version of the legendary R-121 and R-122 ribbons, which offers unparalleled richness, depth and detail with a lushness that has to be heard to be truly appreciated.

In the overcrowded market of large-diaphragm condenser microphones, it’s safe to say that Mojave microphones are among the best offerings, especially considering the moderate price tag.
We stock all models, including the new Multi-pattern tube MA-300 and FET MA-301 microphones.

Hearing is believing, so contact us for a demo.

To celebrate Royer’s 2013 Technical Grammy, every Royer bought before June 30th 2013 will receive a AT84 spider suspension free of charge.

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