Teradek - 9.C25


Teradek builds Cube, the world’s first camera-top HD video encoder. Cube streams HD video over WiFi, for local monitoring, news gathering, and live Internet broadcasting such as concerts, ENG backhaul, and houses of worship. The Cube Encoder creates its own wireless (ad hoc) network, and streams HD video directly to a Cube Decoder, a computer or laptop, a server, or a mobile device such as an iPad, with no other networking equipment required. To extended your broadcast range, Cube Encoder can join an infrastructure network by using a wireless router and stream over a LAN or WAN. Teradek are world leaders in applying H.264 video compression and IP video. Teradek products feature no moving parts, low power, and small size. All Teradek encoders feature 1080p HD video over IP, plus built-in video scaling and adjustable bit-rates.


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