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CentralParQ Software helps TV production companies save valuable resources in making their production and content management processes more efficient.

CentralParQ offers the following modules.
Media Intake
Always keep track of your media by registration in the cloud.

Fully automated & flawless media ingest solution with the MediadoQ device.

Efficiently manage AVID environments by securely delegating administrative & system task to the end-users (Project in-take, Auto-resize workspaces, Automated storage billing, User rights management)

Live Logging
Use your tablet to add markers and or sub clips to your footage during capture and save precious edit time.

Viewing Room
Low-resolution viewing, adding metadata and basic editing of ingested footage on diverse platforms with Internet connectivity.

Our products fill the gap between the well-known ingest, editing and management systems. The CentralParQ product line is unique because it is based upon years of user experience and has been developed within a live postproduction environment. The philosophy of CentralParQ is to offer all services securely from the cloud, providing a cost efficient, trouble free worldwide service.

It's like a walk in the ParQ!


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