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Prodys - 1B24
IKUSNET - the portable video codec for news contributions

Ikusnet is the product that changes everything about the way that News contribution is accomplished. With Ikusnet you have the choice of sending live News via satellite or the Internet. Ikusnet integrates all the functionality of an ENG van into an extremely compact portable package.

When you send live News using the Internet, you can adapt to varying network conditions using advanced technology developed by Prodys from many years experience with optimizing IP protocols and algorithms such as H.264. Of course Ikusnet also supports live satellite transmission using its DVB-ASI interface, or you can store your material on local SD card storage for transmission to the base station at a later time.

The best aspect of Ikusnet is that it’s not only a transmission unit but, also has all the functionality of a News gathering suite; with two video monitors and illuminated control touch pad you have all the tools you need at your finger tips for News production.

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