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The Glensound Broadcasters' Mobile Phone - now with Glensound HD Voice, giving you up to 7 kHz audio bandwidth on a 3G network for the same price as a normal GSM call.
The GS-MPI004 HD features AMR-WB (adaptive multirate wide band), sometimes known as G722.2. This algorithm is more commonly known as HD Voice.
This extra bandwidth makes a significant difference in call quality, with improved lower frequency response and much clearer audio.

A Reliable Connection
Glensound HD Voice connects as a 3G GSM call, not a data call, so when connected you will not lose call quality over the duration of a call as often experienced on an IP call.

If 3G is not available, the call will connect as a standard 2G GSM call. The GS-MPI004 HD can be set to 2G only mode, a 3G only mode or auto. In auto, a connected 3G call will drop back to 2G if you move outside of a 3G signal area. Please note that it will not switch back if you re-enter a 3G area.

Both ends of the connection must be AMR-WB compatible for a HD Voice connection. That is why we also have the Glensound HD Voice version of our rack mount Broadcasters' Mobile Phone, the GS-MPI005 HD - details below.

AMR-WB Availability
Availability of AMR-WB is network specific, and varies from country to country. In the UK, HD Voice is available from the Orange and 3 Networks. Further networks will be offering a HD Voice service very soon. In Belgium Mobistar offers HD Voice technology on his 3G network.

Extra Bandwidth.....for free!!!
HD Voice is a standard service of the Orange and 3 network. So the GS-MPI004HD will just work on 7kHz, at no extra cost over a regular 2G GSM call. Remember, the network sees this as a GSM call, not a data call.

GS-MPI004 HD details

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