V8 Hits The Streets


We're excited to announce the release of the new Waves Version 8. V8 adds the horsepower of the vintage-modelled V-Series to selected Waves bundles (Horizon, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Grand Masters Collection, Broadcast & Production, Sound Design Suite, Live Bundle) and brings a fresh new look to several classic plug-ins: L1, C1, S1, Q10, De-Esser, TrueVerb, and AudioTrack have all received makeovers.
In addition, more Waves plug-ins than ever are now available individually.
And for Waves Live Yamaha users, V8 gives MultiRack SoundGrid flexible direct-to-DAW recording and side-chaining capabilities.

And to fuel your creativity like never before, in an era when hit singles and Grammy® award-winning recordings are being created anywhere and everywhere, we've introduced attractive new prices across the board.

With many new technical features including an improved preset management system, enhanced ICON and Automap support, and mouse-wheel control, there's never been a better time to rev up your rig.

- Attractive new prices
- V-Series added to selected bundles for clients under WUP coverage
- New interfaces for classic plugins
- Plugins now available individually

Important Notes
- V6, V7, and V8 can all run concurrently on the same computer. However, V8 and Waves versions V4 and V5 cannot.
- All previous versions of products that you update will be removed from your iLok and replaced by V8. After updating to V8, you will not be able to use these versions again.
- V8 is not supported on Mac G5 and below. To ensure your system is compatible with Waves V8, check our Tech Specs page

Platinum Power

Now including V-SERIES

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