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(SoundGrid Prelude, Essentials and Pro bundles not included in this promotion.)

Some examples (list prices !!):

Waves Live Multirack Native software bundles:
MultiRack + Renaissance Maxx bundle (10 plugins): from 772€ to 634€
MultiRack + Gold bundle (24 plugins): from 1176€ to 877€
MultiRack + Platinum bundle (36 plugins): from 1884€ to 1302€
MultiRack + Diamond bundle (46 plugins): from 2850€ to 1881€
MultiRack + Horizon bundle (54 plugins): from 3914€ to 2519€
MultiRack + CLA classic compressors bundle (6 plugins): 998€ to 770€
MultiRack + Studio classics bundle (13 plugins): 2153€ to 1463€

Avid VENUE, Yamaha & Digico Soundgrid compatible bundles:
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + Renaissance Maxx TDM Bundle (8 plugins): from 905€ to 563€
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + Gold TDM Bundle (24 plugins): from 1903€ to 1162€
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + Platinum TDM Bundle (31 plugins): from 3043€ to 1845€
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + Diamond TDM Bundle (35 plugins): from 5048€ to 3043€
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + Horizon TDM Bundle (40 plugins): from 6500€ to 3920€
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + CLA classic compressors TDM Bundle (4 plugins): from 1190€ to 734€
D-show or Soundgrid enabler + Studio classics TDM Bundle (13 plugins): from 3425€ to 2075€


Multirack Native:
Runs on a standard laptop, latency determined by audio interface of choice. Compatibility with both analog and digital consoles, portable and flexible. Latency compensation inside.
Plugins run on DSP chips inside the console, controlled from the surface, with automatic latency compensation for all console channels.
Soundgrid for Yamaha and Digico:
Plugins run on a dedicated external Soundgrid Server One, controlled from a laptop or touch ‘n turn knob. Latency compensation only for soundgrid channels.

Upgrades available! Offers good for a limited time only.
All purchases and upgrades include one full year of Waves Update Plan coverage.

Waves Specials are applicable only to the products and time periods specified.
They are not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.

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